Weiß kreuz

Between the Grey
Warnings: NCS, yaoi, angst
Rating: FRM
Co-author: Moonstar
Summary: Omi returns from a mission to a Weiss much different than the one he thought he knew.
Word Count: 6,217
Parings: NCS Yohji/Omi (Lemon), Ken/Omi
Status: Abandoned Fic, Archived
Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | Side-Story

Warnings: Language, spoilers (24-25, Gluhen), shounen-ai hints
Rating: FRC
Summary: The story of one tormented man and his struggle to break free of the chains that bind him.
Word Count: 1,084
Pairings: Youji/Omi (hints)
Status: One-shot

Warnings: Shounen-ai, Spoilers (24, 25)
Rating: FRC
Summary: He had been cold all his life.
Word Count: 2,776
Pairings: Nagi/Omi
Status: One-shot

Pointless Dramas Hurt God and Walk Away
Warnings: Shounen-ai?, script-form
Rating: FRC
Summary: This is a play I wrote for Creative Writing class. I got to play with the characters! Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Word Count: 835
Pairings: Schuldig/Ran (sort of)
Status: One-shot, Archive

A Schwarz Short
Warnings: Stupid humor
Rating: FRC
Summary: I think stupidity sums this one up. Conceived on the drive to class, written in Brit Lit, and typed upon return to home, it's as pointless as they come.
Word Count: 220
Pairings: None
Status: One-shot, Archive

Somewhere in the World
Warnings: Shounen-ai, mild angst, vast OOCness
Rating: FRT
Summary: A mission goes horribly wrong. What repercussions will it have for Weiss and Schwarz?
Word Count: 3,991
Pairings: Schuldig/Ran, Nagi/Omi
Status: One-shot

Credits, acknowledgments, and disclaimers.