Forever Knight

CSI: Toronto
Summary: In which everyone is human, but crime still has to be solved.
Coauthor: Katsuko
Pairing: Eventual Nick/Vachon, multiple background pairings
Rating: FRT
Warnings: All-human alternate universe, possible pseudoscience
Word Count: 1,466
Genre: Saga
Status: In Progress
Chapters: Prologue A | Prologue B

Dust to Dust
Summary: The end was just the beginning.
Coauthor: Katsuko
Pairing: Eventual Nick/Vachon Rating: FRT
Warnings: Spoilers
Word Count: 3508
Genre: Saga
Status: In Progress
Chapters: >Turned to Dust | >Sanctity Here That I Call Home | This Is Not Our Paradise | Between Two Worlds | Closer to My Sanctuary

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